SUNDAY:     PARISH MASS with Rite of Child Catechumen at 10.00am
                May Devotions (Rosary & Adoration) at 1.00pm - prayed for the Manchester Victims

MONDAY:        Adoration at 9.15am   Morning Prayer at 9.45am     Mass at 10.00am

TUESDAY:    Adoration at 5.30pm   Evening Mass at 6.00pm followed by Scripture Group

WEDNESDAY:   Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
                          Adoration at 6.30pm   Evening Mass at 7.00pm

 THURSDAY:   Service of Word and Communion at 12.00noon   Adoration  until 1.30pm

FRIDAY:       Feast of St Justin, Martyr, first Christian Philosopher (100-165)
                      Adoration at 8.15am    Morning Prayer  at 8.45am     Mass at 9.00am

SATURDAY:     Feast of St Charles Lwanga and the Ugandan Martyrs (died 1885-1887)
                        Adoration at 9.15am Morning Prayer at 9.45am    Mass at 10.00am
                                Mass in Shona for the Zimbabwean Community at 12 noon 

                         PENTECOST  VIGIL MASS at 8.00pm, followed by shared Agape

                                   Sacrament of Reconciliation: after Mass and 4.30-5.00pm

TODAY   [1]   We celebrate the great Feast of the Ascension of the Lord. Creation’s King is enthroned at the Father’s right hand; our High Priest intercedes for all humanity in the Sanctuary of God’s dwelling; we are entrusted with the Mission of proclaiming the Gospel to all nations; all humanity is gathered into our eternal home, our eternal reality in the human flesh that is enthroned with God! What a Feast, what a mystery, what a gift!
[2]   Fittingly on this day we celebrate our Mission of communicate the Good News to all nations, we mark World Communications Sunday - praying for the increasing use of modern media, internet, social media in the service of the Gospel. We pray that we might help our young people and children to use these great gifts of modern technology wisely, safely and without addiction to them. There is a Retiring Collection supporting the Church’s Mission in the world of Modern Communications.
[3]   We have the joy of celebrating the Rite of Child Catechumen with our families preparing for the baptism of their child on Trinity Sunday. Please pray for them.
[4]   May Devotions (Rosary & Adoration) to be prayed for the Manchester Victims, unity of Faiths in our nation and freedom from terror - at 1.00pm

NEXT SUNDAY   [1]   We celebrate the Church’s second greatest Feast - the Feast of Pentecost, the birthday of the Church, the power of Resurrection shared with us by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit! We cry out once more ‘Come Holy Spirit, renew the face of the Earth!’ We open our hearts, our minds, our community to the Mighty Wind that changes everything, the tongues of Holy Fire that inflame us with the love that can change the world!
[2]   We have the joy of celebrating at 10am Mass the Reception into Full Communion with the Church of Cynthia and Ashley; then they will be Confirmed in the Holy Spirit together with Veronica and Heshem (Heshem will also receive the Eucharist for the first time).
[3]   We will also be celebrating a Solemn Vigil Mass of Pentecost on Saturday evening at 8.00pm, followed by sharing food that people have brought to share.

DIOCESAN PRAYER  The Diocese prays for the Parish in Communion for Mission of St Luke and St Teresa, Wincanton, with St John the Evangelist, Milbourne Port, St Mary the Virgin, Bruton and St Mary’s, Mere served by Fr Louis Beasly-Suffolk, Deacons Paul White and Michael Hughes and Parish Administrator Mrs Joanna Bentley and their communities.


Sunday          Acts of the Apostles 1: 1-11 / Psalm 46 / Ephesians 1: 17-23 / Matthew 28: 16-20

Monday          Acts of the Apostles 19: 1-8 / Psalm 67 / John 16: 29-33

Tuesday         Acts of the Apostles 20: 17-27 / Psalm 67 / John 17: 1-11

Wednesday   Zephaniah 3: 14-18/Responsorial Isaiah 12: 2-6/ Romans 12: 9-16 / Luke 1: 29-56

Thursday       Acts of the Apostles 22: 30, 23; 6-11 / Psalm 15 / John 17: 20-26

Friday           Acts of the Apostles 25: 13-21 / Psalm 102 / John 21: 15-19

Saturday       Acts of the Apostles 28: 16-20, 30-31 / Psalm 10 / John 21: 20-25