SUNDAY:     PARISH MASS  at 10.00am

MONDAY:    Adoration at 8.30am Service of  Word and Communion at 9.00am 

TUESDAY:    Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel - the call to contemplation
                   Requiem Mass for Deacon Peter Hinchey RIP at 11am (St Augustine’s Downend)
                   Adoration at 7.00pm   Evening Mass at 7.30pm Scripture sharing group at 6pm

WEDNESDAY:     Adoration at .630pmEvening Mass at 7.00pm

THURSDAY:   End of  Year School Mass at 9.30am - all welcome!
                       Mass at 12.30pm, followed by Adoration until 2.00pm (NB change of times)

FRIDAY:     Adoration  at 8.15am    Morning Prayer at 8.45am     Mass at 9.00am

SATURDAY:   Adoration  at 8.30am Morning Prayer at 9.15am   Mass at 9.30am
                              Mass in Shona for Zimbabwean Community at 1.30pm

                                   Sacrament of Reconciliation:      after Mass and at 4.30pm only 

TODAY   [1]   We celebrate on the Fifteenth Sunday of the Year the Missionary Jesus who sends the Twelve Apostles to bring freedom, healing and Good News in His Name, with His authority. They went with little but their faltering infant faith and fulfilled His mission. Let us not hesitate, but recognise that we are the ‘Apostolic Church’ - sharing the same mission as the Apostles, but in our own age and among our people of today. And the great vision of St Paul expressed in the second reading places our Mission in the context of ‘renewing all creation’, gathering all things in Christ! ‘Without a Vision the People perish’. (Proverbs)

NEXT SUNDAY   [1]  On the Sixteenth Sunday of the Year we celebrate Jesus if the Compassionate Shepherd, who puts aside his own need and that of his disciples to bring hope, healing and freedom to the crowds who find Him and them in the place of quiet and reflection. St Vincent de Paul would say that when you leave prayer or Mass to heed the cries of the poor, you do not leave prayer or Mass because you are with Jesus! And we are all shepherds!
[2]   We observe Sea Sunday and support the Church’s increasingly important mission among the world’s seafarers (and their families) by our Retiring Collection for the Apostleship of the Sea. Bristol is a port (through Avonmouth). The Seamen’s missions are playing a very important role in combatting human trafficking and exploitation of workers - those who serve us on the seas often have very precarious employment situations and are vulnerable to exploitation. Yet their work is vital to the world’s economy and food distribution!


Sunday          Amos 7: 12-15 / Psalm 84 / Ephesians 1: 3-14 / Mark 6: 7-13

Monday         Isaiah 1: 10-17 / Psalm 49 / Matthew 10: 34-11: 1

Tuesday        Isaiah 7: 1-9 / Psalm 47 / Matthew 11: 20-24

Wednesday   Isaiah 10: 5-7, 13-16 / Psalm 93 / Matthew 11: 25-27

Thursday       Isaiah 26: 7-9, 12, 16-19 / Psalm 101 / Matthew 11: 28-30

Friday            Isaiah 38: 1-6, 21-22, 7-8 / Responsorial Isaiah 38: 10-12, 16 / Matthew 12: 1-8

Saturday       Micah 2: 1-51 / Psalm 9 / Matthew 12: 14-21

DIOCESAN PRAYER    The Diocese prays for the Parish in Communion for Mission of St Luke and St Teresa, Wincanton, with St Mary’s, Mere, St John the Evangelist (CoE), Milborne Port, Castle Cary and St Mary’s Bruton served by Fr Louis Besley-Suffolk, Deacons Paul White and Michael Hughes and Parish Administrator Mrs Joanna Bentley and all their communities.